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Design, construction, manufacturing and assembly - all from a single source.


We manufacture directly at the beautiful Attersee in Austria. Our components are manufactured precisely and in the best quality with CNC machines and laser technology. Of course, our materials are very high quality and from reputable manufacturers.

Logo bootslift freigestellt 10.2021
Logo bootslift freigestellt 10.2021

35 years family business

We have been manufacturing metal fabrication and lifting equipment for over 35 years. Every lifting technology, whether with rope, chain or hydraulics is the result of decades of practical experience. We are a reliable partner for you.

Safety has priority

Dimensions, load capacity, statics, suspension, installation, power supply, operation, delivery, safety reserves, warranties and much more want to be considered when buying a lifting unit.

The selection of the right materials with countless details alone requires decades of experience. This is the only way to ensure maintenance-free operation for many years.

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Logo bootslift freigestellt 10.2021


Through our boat lifts your boat, car, etc. is reliably protected from damage. It is stored storm-proof, without costly verauen. You are thus independent of tidal range, high and low tide! We offer modern comfort by remote control. The cover, for example, detaches from the boat at the touch of a button and is immediately ready to go.

Environmental protection

Once the boat is out of the water, the paint or antifouling does not fade and is therefore not released into the environment. Oil from drives, controls, rudders, exhaust also not.
There is no fouling on the hull and thus the poorer sliding properties.
With a boat lift, antifouling can be dispensed with altogether!
It goes without saying that only environmentally compatible or biodegradable oils and greases are used in our elevators.

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